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Starehe MP Jaguar Injured,Hospitalized after Nasty Fight

Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua Kanyi has been admitted to hospital following a nasty fight with Nairobi County askaris on Thursday, July 12.

Njagua, better known as musician Jaguar, was taken to Karen Hospital in Nairobi after dislocating his ankle while engaging county askaris who were dealing with protesters at Marikiti market, Nairobi.

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“Come visit me at Karen hospital…I broke my leg at Marikiti market when fighting with county officers harassing traders,” Jaguar tweeted on Thursday morning.

Jaguar told the Star by phone on Thursday that trouble started as county officials moved in on hawkers who had sought refuge at the market.

A standoff ensued after they arrested a trader at the market after mistaking him for a hawker.

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“The county operators had been looking for hawkers who went to hide in the market. Their arrest of the innocent man led to a deadly confrontation,” Jaguar said. He added that the officers clobbered the person, escalating the row and causing running battles.

Jaguar said the protest was also motivated by the arrest of five of the market’s officials. The chairman was apprehended yesterday after going to check on his colleagues who had been arrested.

Jaquar said efforts to settle the matter out of court were futile as the county askaris were unwilling to listen, saying their colleagues had been injured.

“We are not fighting the county government … city askaris should act in a humane manner and stop using excessive force,” he said.

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