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State House Official Replies To Judge Lenaola’s Threats To Sue Him and The Standard

State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi has responded to threats by Judge Lenaola to file a law suit against him on defamation claims.

In a letter, through his lawyer Donald Kipkorir, Justice Lenaola threatened to sue Dennis Itumbi if he does not delete all the defamatory tweets and apologize to him in the next three days, failure to which he shall file a case against him.

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In the letter,Justice Lenaola says he will file a law suit seeking award of punitive damages caused by State House Digital Director,who doubles up as a Jubilee blogger.

In a quick rejoinder,Itumbi took to his social media handles to reply to Lenaola’s lawyer, insisting that he is not wavered by the threats and he welcomes the suit.

“Mr. Donald Kipkorir, Bring it on….do not just tweet it, Serve me.

Very good opportunity for truth to manifest

#WakoraNetwork.” read his post.

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Lenaola would be seeking compensation on punitive damages caused by Itumbi’s tweets against him in the next 3 days,now that he (Itumbi) has refused to cower down.

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