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Suspected Moi Girls Arsonist is a Student, Wished for a Transfer to Another School

Questions and theories on what exactly caused the fire at Moi Girls High School Nairobi have arisen as investigations point to arson as the most probable cause of the fire.

It has been claimed that the fire could have been started by a student in the dormitory, at least according to accounts given by several students.

It has emerged that indeed the suspect in the unfortunate fire incident is a student at the same school.

According to sources within the investigating team, the student wished for a transfer to another school and insisted on having her parents effect the transfer.

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The parents insisted that she remains in the school and so the student intimated to her schoolmates that she will have to do something to convince her parents that the school is not safe.

The student is reported to have started the fire by lighting fire on her mattress in the middle of the night.It quickly spread to adjacent ones and eventually destroyed the entire dormitory housing more than 300 Form One students.

The student is said to be on the run but the investigators are closing in on her as her options are growing thin by the day.

A senior police officer involved in the investigation told Capital FM News that they are also questioning another suspect student said to have attempted to commit suicide more than twice previously.

Around eight students have so far been reported dead in the inferno.

Meanwhile, the bodies of eight students who died in the fire will undergo DNA tests for identification.

Parents whose children are missing have been asked to visit the Chiromo mortuary to submit their DNA samples for testing.

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