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The State House spymaster Who Convinced Uhuru not to arrest Raila

The unprecedented reunion of President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Super Alliance(NASA) leader Raila Odinga has opened the lid on many behind-the-scenes intrigues that took place since last year’s controversial presidential elections.

Details are emerging that President Uhuru Kenyatta was frustrated by the Opposition and viewed their quests as a chronic ploy to cause nothing but problems to the country.

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According to the Daily Nation,Uhuru’s woes began when the Supreme Court of Kenya voided his win of the August 8th Presidential election.

He was extremely shocked by the outcome and felt cheated.

He also reportedly felt power was gripping out of hand through ‘dubious’ ways by the Opposition.

“At one point, he contemplated disregarding the court order.

“He was however advised that doing that would be falling into the devil’s plan,” a source said.

After winning a repeat, which was boycotted by Raila, sources confide Kenyatta could not wait to be sworn in and ‘fix things’.

It is after he was sworn in that he promised to crackdown on all dissents.

When the Opposition threatened to stage a ‘swearing-in’ of their own, hardliner advisers are said to have been of the opinion that all those involved should ‘face the full force of the law’.

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“They felt that opposition supporters would only make noise for a few days and then tire up.

“There was a feeling too that only a small portion of supporters was disturbing the country,” the source said.

National Intelligence Service boss Philip Kameru. [Photo/]
It took the intervention of National Intelligence Service boss Philip Kameru to change the president’s mind.

The plan was to arrest all those who had participated for the mokc inauguration and finally go for ‘big-fish’ himself (Raila in this case).

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Kameru, described as a quiet but sharp confidant, solicited The Head of State otherwise, due to his experience in military intelligence.

He advised against arresting the Former Prime Minister.

The move seemed to have been the right one since it finally led to last Friday’s ceasefire agreement between President Kenyatta and the Opposition Chief.

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