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Tuju’s role in Cabinet defined after vetting of CS nominees

Jubilee Party secretary general Raphael Tuju is set to make his debut in the Cabinet and will not be subjected to vetting by parliament after the exercise came to an end.

Tuju divulged that his role in the cabinet will be to assist the Cabinet Secretaries (CSs) in aligning their programs with the Jubilee party manifesto that was launched last year.

Separately, the Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has disclosed that Tuju will serve in the Cabinet and will only attend cabinet meetings on invitation to address specific issues.

As such, he will have a say in all the 22 ministries and will even vote at cabinet meetings, effectively making him perhaps a super CS.

Despite serving in the cabinet, Tuju will not relinquish his role in the management of Jubilee part and will retain his position as the party’s secretary general.

Tuju was not vetted by parliament alongside other CS nominees during the exercise that came to a close on Friday.

It is not clear whether he skipped the exercise owing to his special position in the cabinet.

Tuju was named to the cabinet by President Uhuru Kenyatta with no specific ministry assigned to him, sparking varied reactions from a section of Kenyans.

A section of Kenyans thought that his co-option to the cabinet without a portfolio meant that he would be assigned specific duties by the President from time to time.

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