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Uhuru’s Message amid crackdown on NASA Politicians

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday sent out a message to politicians following  the recent crackdown on Opposition leaders which culminated with dramatic  arrests, TV shutdown and most recently,deportation of National Resistance Movement (NRM) General Miguna Miguna.

The Head of State has broken his silence by urging all politicians to get down to work and focus on serving Kenyans ,asking them to avoid distractions, games, and sideshows.

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Kenyatta stated that the time ,for what he termed as ‘empty politicking’ ,was over so leaders should embark to doing business they were elected to do.

 “I ask every leader right across Kenya to remember that this is the time to get down to work. The elections are over.

“The people of Kenya have chosen their leaders. They now expect you to set aside distractions, games, and sideshows and focus your efforts on building our nation,” he stated as quoted by The Star.

Uhuru was speaking in Kajiado county where he launched a Sh28.3 Billion cement clinker plant, in line with the focus on promoting the manufacturing sector which is part of his Big Four agenda.

President Uhuru Kenyatta at the cement clinker plant that he launched in Kajiado county, February 7, 2018. /PSCU

He termed the plant, the latest and largest of its kind in the region, a vital ingredient in cement production.

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The plant, which will have a capacity of manufacturing 1.2 million metric tonnes per year, will see 700 people employed in the initial phase and a total of 7,000 by 2020.

He announced plans for new cement and steel factories in Nakuru and Mombasa in the next four years.



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