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VIDEO:Drama as ‘Flying Squad Police’ Captured Sneaking Into NASA Tallying Center

Two men said to be flying squad police officers were nabbed by NASA security agents and taken into custody at their private tallying center in Runda, Nairobi.They were interrogated for almost 45 minutes before being released under unclear circumstances.

According to Joseph Shimekha, who chairs the NASA board responsible for agents coordination, the two men had

posed as journalists and were among the journalists who were supposed to cover a presser with the NASA technical team.

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“We noticed that among the journalists, there were two suspicious characters who had gained access. I confronted them but realized they were not journalists because they were armed. An argument ensued but we managed to hand them over to our security officers manning the gate and alerted our legal team. They managed to produce their identification document showing they are indeed police officers from the DCI Gigiri,” Mr Shimekha said as reported by The Nairobi News.

Earlier on, head of NASA technical committee,David Ndii confirmed the incident during his statement to the press but did not provide more details

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The police officers were released under unclear circumstances. They were driven away to a neighboring compound in two Subaru Forester cars.

However,Mr Shimekha stated that NASA would take extra measures to ensure their job is not frustrated by government operatives including the police.

A moment later,staff from the tallying facility were taken out of the building and the center was abandoned immediately to an anonymous destination.

-Source:Nairobi News

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