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Wacheni Matusi-Julie Gichuru’s Strong Message After Supreme Court ruling Angers Kenyans

Tafadhali wacheni matusi,”was Julie Gichuru’s pleas after she got lambasted by Kenyans on Twitter following her harmless comments on the Supreme court ruling.

Just like most Kenyans,the former Citizen TV prime time host took to social media to weigh in on the Supreme court’s decision.But she never expected the kind of response she received after her remarks.

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“Back to the polls for fresh presidential vote #SupremeCourt Let’s do this with maturity & minimal disruption.” She wrote before adding “The #SupremeCourt ruling on the 2017 presidential result is unprecedented in Africa, another first for Kenya. We are a country of firsts!”

This Tweet seemed to offend some Kenyans on Twitter who bashed her for her sentiments:

In Her response to the online attacks,Julie Gichuru took to Instagram and sent out a strong message on the importance of mutual respect and civility. “…A strong nation must be vested in unity that is built on trust, mutual respect, regard & civility, as well as respect for rights and responsibilities. The victor/victim mentality is a hugely destructive force. It is therefore critical that as we perfect our institutional integrity & uphold respect for the rule of law, we also build a culture of respect for rights and responsibilities, from leadership to government, citizenry to civil society.”

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“Finally fellow Kenyans, let’s do this with a spirit of love and respect. We do this for Kenyans and Kenya, and so let us love and respect each other and our nation. Tafadhali wacheni matusi, it helps no one at all and only serves to poison our communal well. Let us show our neighbours the respect we expect to be shown. Let us laugh together, discuss issues with maturity and vote our chosen candidates with respect for each other’s choice. We don’t have to agree with each other. But we can respect each other.”

This is not the first time Julie has received negative feedback from Kenyans whenever she commented on matter to do with politics.

She was once called rebuked for preaching ‘Peace’ during this election period.A section of Kenyans believed she was supposed to preach for free,fair and transparent elections and Peace would automatically come by.

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