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What Miguna Said When Sonko Promised Him a Job

The unprecedented appointment of embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna as Nairobi County Deputy Governor has obviously changed the political matrix of the country. 

What is interesting is the existing fragile rapport between Governor Mike Sonko and his new appointee,leading to pertinent questions like,how will they co-exist?Is Miguna ready to receive orders from Sonko?Is Miguna ready to work with a Jubilee Governor with whom he abhors?

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Sometime back before the polls,the controversial lawyer had branded Sonko as an illiterate person who could not be trusted to stay at the helm of the city.He even claimed the city boss was involved in peddling illegal drugs.

In a surprising rejoinder,Sonko responded by promising to give Miguna a county job if he clinched the gubernatorial seat.

“Despite Miguna constantly abusing and defaming me, I will appoint him in government should I win in 2017,” Mike Sonko said in May 2016.

The suggestion,however, was vehemently shut down by the controversial lawyer.

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“My brother Mike Sonko, I cannot serve under or with a member of the cartel, thief or drug lord. Do you understand?”Miguna stated.

Fast forward to 2018, the script has metamorphosed.An embattled Miguna Miguna could be the next city deputy boss.

His Lawyer Cliff Ombeta  received the nomination with joy yesterday. Nelson Havi, a city lawyer who has been at the centre of Miguna’s woes with the government over illegal documentation as a dual citizen too agreed it was time Miguna accepted the new appointment.

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“That is upon him (Miguna) to decide but I think he better accept the job. I would tell him to come back home fast, he would even be given a diplomatic passport to travel with,” lawyer Havi told Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange Live on Wednesday.

The appointment was largely coincidental since it came the same the day Miguna postponed his second return   to Kenya to a later date.

Miguna has not yet responded to the nomination as at this writing.

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