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What Raila Told NASA Chiefs About His Secret Meeting With Uhuru

Emerging reports indicate that NASA leader Raila Odinga on Monday battled to convince his alliance partners they could still be trusted and that his unprecedented truce with President Uhuru Kenyatta was made in good faith.
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During the NASA summit, Raila was hard-pressed to explain his decision to dialogue with Kenyatta, reportedly for almost 3 weeks.

The behind-the-scene talks culminated in Friday’s pact at the President’s Harambee House office and the handshake signalling a truce between him and The Head of State ,whose presidency he had vowed not to recognize.
During the meeting,the three maintained that any deal reached between him and the President was personal and they would not be party to it.

However,according to The Standard,the Former Prime Minister lobbied his partners to embrace his actions, clarifying that what transpired on Friday was not a deal but a ‘statement of intent’.

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Mr Odinga also informed them he had requested the President to reinstate the security detail of all the co- NASA principals and MPs, and discharge those who had been indicted following his controversial January 30 inauguration.

He told them that the team of advisors mandated to steer the talks would come up with proposals on a working formula, which will be subjected to the various NASA and affiliate party organs before it is adopted.
Raila is said to have apologised but defended himself by telling his colleagues even former South African President Nelson Mandela met apartheid leader Frederick de Klerk as a sign of unity, forgiveness and reconciliation.

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But the leaders reminded him that the Mandela-de Clerk meeting was midwifed by, among others, current President Cyril Ramaphosa and was not done in secrecy.

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