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What Uhuru Must Do To Contain Raila-Mutahi Ngunyi

Renown Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi together with his team of young African scholars from the Fort Hall School of Government have come up with a simple formula the head of state can use to curb Opposition chief Raila Odinga.

In their weekly analysis,known as the Fifth Estate,Mutahi Ngunyi together with his team argued that President Uhuru must continue being angry,since anger is a powerful tool of political control.

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“Uhuru should therefore change from the nice guy he is to an angry and unpredictable man.He should do it even if it means faking it,and he needs to do it since the rules have changed”,they explained.

If Uhuru continues to play nice,Raila will bully him out of power.He should therefore bark less and bite more”,they added.

According to Prof Ngunyi,President Uhuru Kenyatta is going to win the upcoming repeat polls-and he is 100% sure about it.

“If anybody has a contrary opinion,they are welcomed to state it,but before they even state it, we want to tell them the early enough that they are wrong”,Ngunyi stated.

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Here is the video of the full analysis,courtesy of Youtube/The 5th Estate;

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