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Worrying Details Emerge on Nkaissery’s Mysterious Death

Controversial NRM leader Miguna Miguna on Tuesday morning released rather shocking details on the circumstances surrounding the death of former Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery.

Miguna said the former Interior CS was his close friend and had confided in him of an alleged plot by the state to have the 2017 Presidential poll rigged.

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The Canadian-based lawyer further claimed that Nkaissery remained adamant, refusing to oversee a flawed poll.

According to Mr Miguna,Nkaissery’s stance led to his death as he was allegedly drugged with a lethal chemical.

Here is his full post;

General Joseph Ole Nkaissery was a good friend of mine and a disciplined Kenyan. He donated Kshs. 500,000 (the highest single donation) for my gubernatorial race in 2017.

Days before he was murdered, we met at the Ole Sereni Hotel for lunch and he told me that Uhuru Kenyatta and his close associates had designed a plot to rig the 2017 election then use the security forces to brutally suppress an uprising which they knew would occur thereafter.

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Nkaissery told me that he would not allow anyone to use him like they had used General Hussein Ali during the 2007/8 post-election violence, which took Ali to Den Haag. He was determined not to repeat Ali’s “grievous errors,” as he called them.

At a meeting with Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi, on July 7, 2017, General Nkaissery told him that he [Gen. Nkaissery] would not preside over the mass murder of Kenyans. But Uhuru Kenyatta would have none of it.

General Nkaissery was injected with a lethal chemical on his way home from the State House, Nairobi, less than one hour before he collapsed and died.

Predictably, the “cause of death” was reported as “cardiac arrest.”

What Kenyans must be told is that all death result from cardiac arrest.

Everyone dies of cardiac arrest; whether you are shot at, knifed, poisoned or crashed by a boulder.

Cardiac arrest is just the medical jargon that the “heart stopped beating” and denied the brain oxygen.

The first official but contradictory statement about General Nkaissery’s death was bizarrely issued by Uhuru’s Chief of Staff, Joseph Kinyua.

It claimed that “The General” – as close friends like me used to call him – had died “while undergoing treatment at the Karen Hospital.”

The contents of that statement were roundly contradicted by Mrs. Nkaissery, whose statements could also not stand up to close logical scrutiny.

When I telephoned General Nkaissery’s security detail, they claimed that the General collapsed and died “after we had returned from a one-hour jog.” Later, they claimed that “the General collapsed and died after he had changed into his tracksuit as we prepared to go jogging.” Yet when I caught up with them at the Lee Funeral Home, one whispered into my ears that “the General died at the Karen Hospital. The General was walking when we arrived at the hospital.”

The stories about The General’s last day had mutated like the IEBC’s figures that were being streamed to the public on August 8th and 9th, 2017.

Those stories were blatant lies. The General had died long before he was taken to the Karen Hospital as a cover-up.

When Uhuru Kenyatta wants to stay in power, he is ready to cause mayhem, commit mass murder and bribe anyone on his path.

Genuine friends must seek justice for their departed comrades. I’m a genuine friend. I stand with General Nkaissery. Long Live The General.

Uhuru Kenyatta is a murderer. He is not a man who should be allowed to tour Nyanza and sell his rotten fictional bridges with his fake “brother.”

Justice will and must be done.
The despots will and must fall.

Aluta Continua!

One thought on “Worrying Details Emerge on Nkaissery’s Mysterious Death

  1. miguna miguna is just another coward and a liar . If what he is saying now is the truth which is all lies . why did he not tell Kenyans all this time until he waited when he was deported ? Miguna stop bringing your craaap propaganda . Kenyans are not that stupid to believe a hooligan like you .
    uhuru Kenyatta was not scared of your friend . Ati nini ? he gave you shs 500,000 ? go tell that craaap to the fools not Kenyans.

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