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“..You can use your Underwear to Commit Suicide..”,Moses Kuria’s message to Raila shocks many

Controversial Gatundu South Mp, Moses Kuria has broken his silence in the most cynical way possible after the Supreme Court judges revoked President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win.

Four out of the seven judges of the Supreme Court nullified Uhuru’s win citing massive irregularities in the August 8 presidential election.

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Kuria who is known to be a loose cannon said on Saturday that he would present to Parliament a bill that will see a minimum of 5 judges overturn a Presidential election.

He also said that his first business in parliament will be to push for a bill that will see to it election results are no longer transmitted electronically.

Writing his sentiments on his social media timelines, the Gatundu South legislator pointed out that the bills would easily be made into law by virtue of that fact that his party enjoys  ‘tyranny of numbers’ in the 12th Parliament.

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The Outspoken MP concluded his message in the most disrespectful manner possible by saying, ”Raila if you don’t like it use your underwear to commit suicide.

The President on Friday said that he respected the court ruling but did not agree with it.Furthermore,he said the people of Kenya will decide.

The Deputy President,William Ruto added by saying that The Supreme court is not ‘Supreme’ perse and that it is the Kenyan people who are supreme and will decide in the next 60 days whoever rules them.


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